5D Cinema

A thrilling combination of 3D movies and real effects!

5D Cinema Experience!

Watch one of our thrilling short movie experiences in our 5D cinema; with a combination of 3D Movies + amazing effects which includes moving platforms and real effects including water, wind, smoke, lighting and more – get ready for an amazing experience! Up to 4 people can use the cinema at any one time which makes it a great activity for families and small groups.


1 min / 4 max


Over 20 to choose from!


0 out of 5

5D Cinema Price

Just turn up and play!

1 Movie - £5.00 per person

Have more fun and save money with one of our combo passes!

Book a combo pass now and keep the fun going! Enjoy Laser Quest and choose from VR Ride or our 5D Cinema with one of our combo passes!

Combo Pass 01 - 1 x LQ + 1 x VR - £11.95 Per Person
Combo Pass 02 - 2 x LQ + 1 x VR - £18.95 Per Person
Combo Pass 03 - 2 x LQ + 2 x VR - £22.95 Per Person


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5d cinema

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