Corporate Activities Bromley

Why not try something different?

Corporate Activities in Bromley

Why stick to the same boring corporate activities that people have done time and time again? Cocktail making? Done it! Quiz night? Done it! Archery? Boring! You want to create a great event that goes without a hitch, and where everyone has a great time.

So why not do something a bit different? Laser Quest Bromley is here for all of your corporate event needs – we can help you create a corporate event to be proud of, right here in Bromley.

Bromley Corporate Activities

Our Laser Quest arena has been revamped to create a labyrinth of fun for your corporate guests to enjoy. Think swirling fog, a light show and thumping music that really brings the atmosphere. All while you duck and dive, and zap your opponents to see who can score the most points! It’s a lot of fun, and certainly is a talking point.

Why not pit department vs department in an epic Laser Quest battle? Or maybe you’re organising a corporate event for people who haven’t met each other before? Well, there’s nothing like coming under a fire of laser beams to break the ice!

And try out our Virtual Reality suite too, where you can experience our VR Escape Rooms. Bond with your team whilst you solve the puzzles together. You could find yourself repairing a space station, fighting a dragon or exploring the lost Temple of Osiris. With 6 scenarios to choose from, take your pick! Or experience 90% freefall in one of our VR Spheres.

Refreshments are covered too – we can help you to source food and drink for your party. Fighting a laser battle is hungry work! We have a range of options available, and are open to different themes/ideas if you’d like to do something really special.

Whether it’s exclusive hire for a corporate event, or an after work team activity, we’ve got you covered. Come on down to Laser Quest Bromley!

corporate activities bromley
corporate activities in bromley

Laser Quest & VR

Laser Quest Bromley is a premium Laser Tag (Laser Quest) and Virtual Reality (VR) centre based in Bromley Kent.

We offer the best in Laser Quest, with a brand-new arena complete with sound, lighting effects and smoke, traditional and virtual escape room experiences, and Virtual Reality experiences over two floors.

We showcase the best VR technology through casual gaming, and our range of attractions includes a 5D cinema, 2-seater VR experience and VR escape rooms all under one roof.

Our centre is versatile and can be used for a range of different purposes, including children’s Birthday parties, team building and corporate events, stag and hen parties, after school clubs, youth groups and much more.

Get in touch with us if you would like us to put-together a package for your event or occasion, which can include food and more.

Laser Quest playtime

We provide full briefings and all the equipment you need. Each player is kitted out with a futuristic body pack and carries a laser. Each game is played in the Laser Quest labyrinth, with catwalks, mazes, swirling fog, special effects, music and lights.

You score points when you zap your opponents but lose points when they zap you. Up to 24 players can compete in 20-minute sessions. From team to solo games, there is a format suitable for you. Scores are displayed on monitors at the end of the game with each player receiving their own iconic Laser Quest score card!


2 min / 24 max

Game Time

15 minutes


1 out of 5

laser quest bromley