Kids Birthday Parties Beckenham

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Kids Birthday Party in Beckenham

Are you planning a children’s party in Beckenham? Why not blast into an epic adventure by booking a party at Laser Quest? We provide the most immersive experiences, all under one roof—our range of games suit all ages and skill levels. Gather together the kids, their classmates and friends for a party they will never forget.

Beckenham Kids Birthday Parties

Our LQ+VR Party caters for a minimum of 8 players; why not invite the whole class? They’ll get two full hours of unrivalled fun, including a VR experience, two thrill-packed games of Laser Quest for up to 24 players, pizza, ice cream and squash. And, if that isn’t enough, we also provide a reserved party zone, downloadable invitations, and a dedicated party host.

Watch the children squeal with delight as they loop around labyrinths searching for their nemeses, before blasting them with a volley of fire with our state-of-the-art laser gun. The ultimate aim? To fill that iconic Laser Quest score card.

Choose from one of our incredible VR experiences: from VR Escape, VR Ride or VR Sphere; the children will love them all. Will they fly through a VR town with an accelerated jetpack, climb aboard a thrilling rollercoaster ride, or take a walk through a deadly dark tower? Whichever they choose, they are sure to be delighted by the hair-raising adventure.

Or, if you want something a little more bespoke, why not put together your own package? We’ve got a range of experiences perfect for children’s parties: virtual spheres offer deep dives into the ocean and freefalls through the sky; our 5D cinema brings a multitude of dimensions to 25 short movies; and our Escape Room will push their teamwork and skills to the very limit.

Contact us today to book an unforgettable children’s birthday party in Beckenham. Choose Laser Quest, where our limits are limitless.

kids birthday parties beckenham
kids birthday parties in beckenham

Laser Quest & VR

Laser Quest Bromley is a premium Laser Tag (Laser Quest) and Virtual Reality (VR) centre based in Bromley Kent.

We offer the best in Laser Quest, with a brand-new arena complete with sound, lighting effects and smoke, traditional and virtual escape room experiences, and Virtual Reality experiences over two floors.

We showcase the best VR technology through casual gaming, and our range of attractions includes a 5D cinema, 2-seater VR experience and VR escape rooms all under one roof.

Our centre is versatile and can be used for a range of different purposes, including children’s Birthday parties, team building and corporate events, stag and hen parties, after school clubs, youth groups and much more.

Get in touch with us if you would like us to put-together a package for your event or occasion, which can include food and more.