VR Sphere Simulator

Soar through the sky or the depths of the ocean!


Our VR Sphere’s feature a combination of motion, virtual reality, and wind to make you feel as though you are really there! From soaring through the sky, to exploring the depths of the ocean, you can expect to feel a simulated 90% free-fall in your own private pod. With over 15 thrilling movie experiences to choose from, it is a truly unforgettable experience!


1 per Sphere


Over 15 to choose from!


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VR Sphere Price

Just turn up and play!

1 Movie - £5.00 per person

Have more fun and save money with one of our combo passes!

Book a combo pass now and keep the fun going! Enjoy Laser Quest and choose from VR Sphere, VR Ride or our 5D Cinema with one of our combo passes!

Combo Pass 01 - 1 x LQ + 1 x VR - £11.95 Per Person
Combo Pass 02 - 2 x LQ + 1 x VR - £18.95 Per Person
Combo Pass 03 - 2 x LQ + 2 x VR - £22.95 Per Person


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